Thursday, February 20, 2014

Outdoor BBQ Party Tips & Ideas


outdoor BBQAn outdoor BBQ party is one of America’s most loved ways to celebrate a special event or simply to enjoy a casual get-together with family and friends. As many of us would say, it’s already a tradition. So how do you host and prepare for a BBQ party at home? If we’re to assume, you’ll gather in the morning to prepare the ingredients & materials needed for the barbecue: meat, sauces, grills, charcoal and what-nots. You’ll line up all the outdoor tables and chairs. You’ll cool your bottles of beer. It’s the usual scene. But if you are hoping for an extraordinary barbecue party, you’ll have to exert more effort not only in terms of the venue decoration but also when it comes to the food itself. So if you are gearing up for a party this weekend, read this interesting article that showcases a list of barbecue recipes for all kinds of meat: pork, beef, chicken, lamb, hotdogs, burgers, steaks and even side dishes!


Outdoor BBQ Party Recipes


Real barbecue, during which tough cuts of meat cooked long and slow until they fall into delicious tenderness, is a grand American tradition, but so too is the BBQ party, a gathering in a backyard or a park or a beach (or a parking lot or a rooftop!) where food is cooked outside, shared, and eaten in a most casual of fashions.


They all look so delicious, aren’t they? But of course they’ll end up even more delectable if you’ll use our La Caja China BBQ grills! Your meat will definitely end up juicier, tastier and more flavorful! And you won’t have a hard time grilling! Anyway, aside from the food, your outdoor BBQ party will also be more memorable and enjoyable if you’ll make it stylish.


“It’s summertime and — as the saying goes — the living is easy. Or at least it will be when you steal these 10 fast, fresh tips for your next backyard barbecue. Before firing up the Weber, cut 10- by 10-inch sheets of parchment paper, then use letter stamps to print rare, medium, and well done across the tops in equal number. Lay one on each plate, and when the meat comes off the coals, just slide it onto the dish with the corresponding label and let guests grab what they want.” (See full article here.)


We hope these articles gave you same fresh ideas for your outdoor BBQ party. And as we said, to ensure that your grilled goodies end up mouth-watering, make use of our world-famous roasting boxes, BBQ grills and mojos and spices! Visit our website now or call us today at 1-800-338-1323! 


Want finger foods for your BBQ party? Watch this video for amazing pica-pica suggestions!

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