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barbecue grill parts

barbecue grill partsDo you already have your own La Caja China roasting box? We hope you do! It’s a barbecue grill that’s like no other! Roast whole chickens, turkey, lamb, fish, oysters and even whole pigs! Talk about flexibility! It is indeed a versatile cooking equipment that will allow you to serve delectable dishes to your family and friends without any hassle! So let our post for today introduce you to the different La Caja China barbecue grill parts!

1. Aluminum Frame – A La Caja China box features a durable, high-quality aluminum frame that’s responsible for locking in the heat and flavor in your grill. There are galvanized grills out there that guarantee resilience; however, we promise that our aluminum boxes will not only last longer but they will also stay rust-free even after years of use!

2. Solid Plastic Wheels – These casters will allow you to move your La Caja China box anywhere without breaking a sweat!

3. Charcoal Grid – The roasting box’ charcoal grid will securely hold your embers and allow you to remove them without any trouble.

4. Ash Pan – Now there’s no need to worry about your charcoal’s ashes getting into your food! The ash pan will hold all the ashes securely, allowing you to have mess-free barbecue parties!

5. S/S Hooks – La Caja China comes with S/S hooks that will keep your meat in place. No more picking up of pork chops or ribs in between the grill spaces!

6. Stainless Steel Meat Racks – Instead of the usual metal racks that rust over time, our stainless steel meat racks are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store.

7. Dripping Pan – As what we always say, the La Caja China roasting box is a mess-free cooking partner! Juice will seep out of your food as it cooks. Compared to the usual barbecue grills that do not have dripping pans, the La Caja China holds all the juice from your roast, saving you from the inconvenience heavy cleaning.

8. Box Handles – Traditional barbecue grills are hard to carry or move around. But even if La Caja China is big and relatively heavy, mobility is still not an issue. You can simply roll it anywhere with the help of its solid wheels and its two box handles that are easy to grip.

9. Marinating Syringe – The syringe is vital in creating flavorful and mouth-watering dishes. Instead of just soaking your food items in marinade, you can also use the syringe to inject the flavor directly into your meat.

10. Barbecue Smoker – There’ll be no need to burn wood in your grill just to give your food a smoky flavor and aroma. Use La Caja China’s smoker to add a smoky twist to your barbecues!

We hope that you learned all about your La Caja China’s barbecue grill parts from our blog post. Should you need grill replacement parts, barbecue smoker, adobo and mojo sauce or barbecue accessories, just simply visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323!

Learn how simple it is to roast a pig using La Caja China! Watch this video of Roker on the Road featuring our very own Roberto Guerra!

Roker on the Road Featuring La Caja China on the Food Network from la caja china on Vimeo.

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