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Cooking A Texas Brisket On Your La Caja China

texas brisketThe traditional Texas brisket is a popular barbecue recipe that’s apparently one of the best tasting smoked meat on our dining tables! Many people cook this dish, coming up with a big chunk of beef that’s almost charcoal black. But hey, it’s not burnt at all. It may show that not-so-appealing color on the outside but slice it up and you’ll get a well-cooked, tender and flavorful meat. And did we mention that you can use your La Caja China to make this dish? No? Well, yes, you can! Here’s the recipe for your reference!

What You’ll Need

* Heavy-duty aluminum foil

* Oven mitts

* Rimmed baking pan

* Thermometer

* Untrimmed 15-pound brisket

* Tyler Florence’s Ancho Chile Rub

* Basting sauce made from apple juice or cider and vinegar

* Basting brush

* Dorothy’s Barbecue Sauce

* 20 pounds of charcoal


1. Let your brisket thaw in your fridge for about two days. Take it out at least an hour before cooking and remove its packaging. Rinse with tap water and pat dry. Don’t get rid of the fat.

2. Place your brisket on a large, rimmed baking sheet and begin dry rubbing it. Ensure that the entire chunk of meat is covered. Set it aside in room temperature.

3. Get your La Caja China ready. Place 20 pounds of charcoal on the grid. Ensure that the dripping pan and ash pan are also in place. Light the coals and wait about 20 minutes for them to burn evenly.

4. Once your coals are all ready and lit up, spread them evenly.

5. Lift your charcoal pan and place it on the grill handles. Brush your meat generously with your basting sauce without removing it from the grate. Replace the charcoal pan and add another 5 pounds of coal. Distribute them evenly once again. Set aside any unused basting sauce.

6. Tear off two sheets of heavy-duty aluminum foil. They should be about 8 inches longer than your brisket. Place them on a rimmed baking pan. Get another sheet of foil that will be placed on top of the pan.

7. Remove the charcoal pan once again. Carefully place your brisket on top of the foil in the rimmed pan. Pour the leftover basting sauce and your brisket. Cover with the third sheet of foil. Seal the edges.

8. Place the pan in your La Caja China and cover it with the charcoal pan. Add 2 more pounds of coal and evenly spread them again.

9. After an hour, remove the charcoal pan. Use your thermometer and check the temperature of the thickest part of your brisket. The temp should be 180 degrees Fahrenheit. If it’s still not reached, add 2 more pounds of coal.

10. Wait another hour and check your brisket once again. Add 2 pounds of coal and check the temp after an hour. Repeat this process until the meat reaches 180 degrees.

11. Once your brisket reaches 180 degrees, carefully lift the rimmed pan from your La Caja China and place it on a heatproof surface. Let it rest for one hour then carve and serve.

Hopefully, our Texas brisket recipe is easy for you to follow! You should also check out our clam bake recipe and other bbq grilling recipes for delicious roasting parties! Should you need the best barbecue grillers, meat smoker and our trademark adobo seasoning, order them straight from our website or call us at  1-800-338-1323!

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