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Why You Should Use A Meat Injector


meat injectorWe believe that not everyone who reads our blog is an expert in barbecuing. After all, cooking is an art that requires technique and skills just as much as it is an innate talent. So to give newbie cooks and aspiring barbecue chefs an edge, let us give you a dose of tips that will help you serve the best tasting grilled recipes we can ever think of! For today, we want to talk about the importance of meat injectors when barbecuing. You surely want to make your meat as flavorful and mouth-watering as possible, right? So we want to know, do you use meat injectors when marinating your goodies? We hope so.


What is a meat injector?


Also known to many as a flavor injector, a meat injector is a syringe designed with a lengthy metal needle that allows people to infuse marinade or sauce into an uncooked meat or even seafood and vegetables. It basically works like a typical syringe. It has a plunger that is used to suck up or push marinade into the food. The needle may also be replaced in case it wears out or breaks — yeah, sometimes it does. It has a container that’s designed with measurements so that you can gauge the amount of liquid you’ll need to inject on your food. Pretty useful, isn’t it?


Why do you need a meat injector?


You might ask, “Why do I need a meat injector when I can just marinate my meat overnight, rub, baste or brine it?” Well, the answer is that since you’ll be injecting the marinade, the flavor will actually be infused into every fiber of the food items you’ll grill instead of just letting it stay on the surface. With the use of the injector, you’re guaranteed a grilled meat that’s tasty inside and out.


How do you use it?


It’s pretty simple to use a meat injector. Simply load it up with the marinade of your choice by pulling the plunger. Once it is filled with liquid, make a hole on your meat by poking the syringe’s needle. Get it an inch or more inside, depending on the thickness of your meat. Slowly push on the plunger to bring in the marinade to the meat and once done, slowly pull it out. Make sure that your injections are evenly distributed throughout the meat.


Does La Caja China sell meat injectors?


Of course we do! You can buy our marinating syringe by piece or you can have it for free when you buy either of our aluminum roasting boxes model #1 or model #2! It’s included in the package!


We hope that you understand the importance of using a meat injector on your barbecues! Should you need barbecue cookers, bbq grill replacement parts and even a taste of our trademark mojo sauce, simply visit our website or call us at 1-800-338-1323! Always check on our blog for cooking instructions and pig roast recipes!


Learn how to inject large meat parts properly! Watch this video now!

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