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Tips For Perfectly Cooked Clam Bake Recipes


clam bake recipesEveryone calls a clambake a “party in a pot” and it’s for a reason. This delicious dish is commonly served during outdoor get-togethers such as beach parties or excursions. We believe it’s popular not only for its tastiness but also for its ease of preparation. All you need to do is dig a hole; place some stones at the bottom of the pit and create fire. Seafood such as lobsters, clams, shrimps and crabs are often included as well as corn and other veggies such as carrots and potatoes, cut and placed in a food packet. This packet will then be placed on top of the heated stones together with the other ingredients and let alone to cook. What’s good about this dish is that it can be prepared in your La Caja China. Yes, you no longer need to dig a pit! So for today, we’ll be sharing some tips with you to help you serve a perfect, mouth-watering clambake to your loved ones!


1. To save time and prevent rushing, buy and clean your shellfish a day earlier. Doing so will give you a worry-free preparation the following day and even allow you to start your clambake party ahead of time!


2. When cooking clambake in the beach, make sure that the coals reach 400 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Toss the seaweeds, lobsters, clams, unhusked corns and foil wrapped potatoes in the pit. Add another layer of seaweeds again and then cover the hole with a wet tarp for effective baking.


3. Don’t check your clambake too often while it is cooking because that will let out a lot of steam. Just let it cook for about 2 to 2.5 hours in the pit continuously. If you’ll use your La Caja China, 45 minutes should do the trick! The clams should be open and the vegetables should be fork tender by then.


4. When doing clambake in a pot, you can try adding garlic and a little wine in it. Once again, place seaweeds at the bottom of the pot and then add your choice of seafood and vegetables. Also add knobs of butter for a tastier flavor!


5. Adding spicy Italian sausages and andouille in the clambake gives the meal some meat fat. The dish ends up well-cooked and also flavorful.


6. Mussels are a great idea to add into the clambake. They’re not only very affordable but they also add color to the dish!


7. If you have loved ones or friends who are allergic to shellfish, you can just cook fish for them! For instance, slather butter on a fresh, striped bass. Add in garlic and some herbs for a twist; wrap it in a foil and then put it in the pot to cook.


Just follow these simple tips and you should be able to cook up delicious clam bake recipes! If you need more cooking instructions and bbq grilling recipes, just always visit our blog site! And if you are in the lookout for amazing bbq grills and smokers, bbq grill accessories, bbq grill parts and sauces, visit our website now or call us at 1-800-338-1323!


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