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Eight Yummy Side Dishes For Your La Caja China Grilled Fish


grilled fishIf you’re not into eating fish, then maybe you should start including it in your diet now. Fish isn’t only a substitute to your frequent serving of barbecued red meat and chicken but it is also delicious and healthy too. Fish are low in fat and calories which are often found in other meats. They also provide omega-3 fatty acids that help thwart the risk of cancer, heart diseases, arthritis and many other medical ailments. So to help you enjoy eating grilled fish that’s cooked in your La Caja China, prepare these eight yummy side dishes, too!


1. Grilled Asparagus With Creamed Bacon


Grill some asparagus and top it with bacon that’s made even more flavorful with onion, ginger, sweet white wine and cream. It’s truly a delicious combination of crispy grilled goodness with a creamy, salty and a little sweet sauce.


2. Skillet Corn, Edamame, and Tomatoes with Basil Oil


Boil your basil leaves for 10 minutes then puree it with a quarter cup of oil and salt. Heat another set of oil in a pan, add the scallions and garlic. Cook until they’re fragrant. Add the corn, edamame and salt. Caramelize then add tomatoes and vinegar into the mixture. Drizzle your homemade basil oil and serve with your fish.


3. Quinoa With Vegetables


Cook about a cup of rinsed quinoa in water or broth. Once the grains already absorbed the liquid, add chunks of steamed broccoli, peas or carrots.


4. Cà Nuong (Grilled Eggplant with Garlic and Scallions)


Mix fish sauce and finely chopped garlic in a bowl. Grill eggplants until they are soft enough for the skin to be peeled. Get rid of the skin then tear the eggplants into strips. Heat some oil and add scallions when the skillet is hot enough. Pour in the fish sauce and garlic mixture. Serve with your grilled fish or rice.


5. Peach and Pepper Salsa


Mix chopped peaches, spring onions, habanero pepper, garlic, lemon, coriander, oregano, red bell pepper, juice and salt in a bowl. Toss and season as you please. Simple! Now you have a spicy and sweet homemade peach salsa that will go well with your grilled fish.


6. Aztec Lime Corn Topper


Add a new twist on your grilled or boiled corn. Whisk chili powder, oil and lime juice in a mixing bowl. Add salt and pepper as you please. Once done, brush the mixture over your hot corn.


7. Green Mango Salad


In a mixing bowl, combine fish sauce, sugar and lime juice and then stir until all the sugar granules are dissolved. Grind sliced shallots, chilies, dried shrimp and roasted peanuts using your mortar and pestle. Don’t over pulverize the ingredients. Once done, add the ground ingredients in your julienne slices of green mango. Add the dressing made from sugar, lime juice and fish sauce. Toss to distribute the flavors evenly.


8. Asian Cabbage Slaw


Simply combine rice vinegar, sugar, vegetable oil and lime juice in a bowl. Season with salt then whisk the mixture. In another bowl, mix your cilantro leaves, scallions, cabbage, carrots and jalapeno peppers. Toss and serve!


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