Friday, June 17, 2016

La Caja China Roasting Boxes Available on Maui

The process for roasting a pig in the ground in the traditional Hawaiian style involves lots of hard work, a huge amount of preparation, long cooking times, plus countless required items such as burlap fabric, banana leaves, round river rocks, cord-wood, chicken wire, plastic tarp and, of course, a clean, butchered pig!


hawaii pig cooker

Now, imagine being able to roast a pig and obtain as good as (or better) results in a fraction of the time and without the need for all that extra stuff. This is exactly what La Caja China BBQ Roasting Boxes let you do. And the results are nothing short of fantastic!


Moist, succulent pig surrounded by crispy skin, cooked above ground in what's been called the "magic box" by world-renowned chef and television personality Bobby Flay. Other TV chefs, including Martha Stewart and Andrew Zimmern, also sing high praises of La Caja China Roasting Boxes. They all love the product.


Originally conceived by a Cuban who observed Chinese railroad workers employing a similar device in Havana's Chinatown, the roasting box became popular when the idea was brought to Miami, FL, and spread among the Cuban-American community.


It's now catching fire in Hawaii, where this quick, efficient method for roasting pig has found a true home. You simply need a roasting box, some charcoal and a pig. The box is lined with aluminum and retains heat from the coals sitting above the lid. The pig sits below in a two-sided grid cage and cooks at a steady 325⁰. Done in under four hours, the process is quicker and easier, and it makes cleanup a snap. Check out La Caja China at the Ace Hardware Stores on Maui below or other Hawiian islands are listed here


Kihei Ace Hardware
1280 S Kihei Rd
Kihei, Hawaii
(808) 879-7060


Lahaina Ace Hardware
840 Wainee St
Lahaina, Hawaii
(808) 661-0814


Puakalani Ace Hardware
55 Pukalani St
Pukalani, Hawaii
(808) 572-5566

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