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Are You Barbecuing or Grilling?

It's summer time once again and your family has decided to eat outdoors. Prepare the healthy barbecue recipes and let the grilling begin!best outdoor grills in 2015


Wait, what?


Okay, it is given that the two most popular outdoor cooking methods everywhere are barbecuing and grilling. But do you know that these two differ from each other? There are people who know this but most don't. The latter believe that barbecuing and grilling are the same thing. Unfortunately, they're not.


In simple words, barbecuing is cooking the meat slowly under low temperature, whereas grilling is quickly cooking the meat in dry heat or high temperature. According to Ken Hueston, owner of Smoken Bones Cookshack in Victoria, grilling is done with the lip up and with direct heat from the bottom instead of all around the source, while barbecuing is cooking meat with lid closed in a slow circumvented unit of hot air.



  • Normally, dried wood or charcoal is used on this process. Some prefer gas but most are not comfortable with this and still uses charcoal or dried wood.
  • The best cuts to barbecue are pork ribs and beef brisket.
  • The heat used in barbecuing is much lower.
  • The cooking time is much longer.
  • It is best to lather favorite BBQ sauces as you cook to create a beautiful glaze on the meat's surface.
  • To ensure that the meat stays juicy, it is best to spray apple juice as it cooks.



  • Hot charcoal or fire from a gas burner is used in grilling.
  • This technique is perfect for meat slices and fresh fish.
  • Unlike in barbecuing, grilling is cooking something quickly in high heat.
  • Juices of the meat are sealed since it is cooked in much lesser time. Leaving the meat a little longer will make it dry.
  • Barbecue sauces are best lathered after cooking the meat to avoid the sugar from burning.
  • Yes, vegetables and fruits are perfect for grilling just make sure that you don't overcook them.
  • The same apply with meat, do not overcook it.


These two ways of outdoor cooking is popular during summer in countries such as the US. However in tropical countries, these are popular all year round. One important tip: Do not serve the burnt part as it could cause unwanted health hazards.


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