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A Detailed Guide On Using Your La Caja China Box

how to use your la caja china boxIf you still doubt whether our roasters are easy to use or the otherwise, we’ll help you put an end to all the confusion. Our roasting boxes do not require so much effort when utilized. Instead, it is as simple as preparing your meat, hooking it in place, lighting up your charcoal and covering the box. To assist you with your grilling, here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use your La Caja China box.


1. Prepare the mojo by mixing our orange juice and adobo. You can purchase our own mixes via our website.

2. Mix the saline solution and mojo and let it sit for at least 30 minutes.

3. Sprinkle salt and adobo on the raw pig. Make sure that it’s already in room temperature.

4. Wet the skin of the pig with the solution you’ve just made and rub the spices on it afterwards.

5. Inject the pig using our injector every two to three inches.


1. Once the pig is properly spiced, place it on the rack with its legs facing outward.

2. Attach the top rack using the S/S hooks. Make sure that the hooks are attached to the outer frame so that it can hold the pressure when cooking.

3. Let the pig set overnight in an icebox at 40 degrees Fahrenheit.


1. Before roasting the pig, it is important that it’s back to room temperature which is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit. You can check it by using a meat thermometer. You should know that roasting it while it is in room temperature will limit the grilling hours to less than four and guarantee that it is evenly cooked.

2.When using a wired thermometer, which is recommended, insert the metal probe into the pig’s leg. Run the wire to the corner, under the frame and connect it to the thermometer.

3. Set the thermometer’s alarm to 190 degrees Fahrenheit.


1. Start by covering the box with the ash pan and grid with the required amount of charcoal. Keep in mind though that the amount of charcoal depends on the weight of the pig and the model number of your box. For instance, for a La Caja China model 2 and a 70-pound pig, you’ll need 20 pounds of charcoal.

2. If you’ll use self-starting charcoal, make two parts. For every one part, start the time. So that’s 1 set of charcoal for the first hour, then an hour after that and once more a half hour later. Remember to reset your timer each time you’ve added more charcoal. After adding your last batch of charcoal, wait a half hour. Using the thermometer, wait for the alarm to go off.

3. Once you hear the alarm, you can now remove the ashes. Lift the grid slowly, shake it gently over the ash pan and set it on top of the long hands. Don’t forget to dispose them properly because they are a fire hazard.

4. Flip the pig and score the skin in each square of the rack to help them brown and crisp better. At this point, close the box then wait 30 minutes. Then, check if the skin is crispy. If not, wait another 10 minutes.


If you’re not yet ready to serve your roasted pork, you can keep it warm by lifting the pan and rotating it 90 degrees. Before serving, make sure to let it sit for at least 10 minutes so the meat can absorb the juices.

We hope that we’ve given you helpful tips on how to use your La Caja China box. To further learn about proper grilling using our roasters, watch this informative video we made just for you. And if you still do not have one, you can purchase our world-famous BBQ grill from our website!

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