Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What’s In Your La Caja China Roasting Box?

la caja china roasting boxIf you haven’t purchased a La Caja China roasting box yet, we believe it’s now the right time to get one! A barbecue grill is an indispensable cooking partner that every home should have. We know that most of you use the oven to roast your turkey or rely on a regular charcoal grill for your BBQ parties. But why would you deny yourself such a great cookware that is so useful and efficient when it comes to serving evenly cooked, juicy meat? And hey, you can even roast a whole pig!

So aside from the fact that our roasters guarantee delicious meals, there are other reasons why they’re a great buy! First of all, these grills are made from high-quality materials that aren’t only durable but are also easy to clean and maintain! Secondly, we deliver as promised, no delays! We make sure that our supplies come in and our boxes are made on schedule to be able to handle orders without fail! And if you’re now interested in getting one for your home, let us tell you what comes with a purchase of our La Caja China box!

Our roasting boxes (models 1 to 3) come complete with the following items to make roasting easy, convenient and less time consuming:

- 4 aluminum, easy-to-assemble frames
- 4 solid plastic wheels
- charcoal grid
- ash pan to hold the ashes from grilling
- S/S hooks to keep the meat in place
- S/S metal handles
- stainless steel meat racks
- dripping pan
- box handles
- marinating syringe
- user’s manual to help with assembly and roasting

These are the generic parts that come with a purchase of our La Caja China roasting box. Aside from these essentials, we also have accessories that will add extra convenience to your cooking!

- Zippo to easily light up your charcoal
- Thermometer to time your grilling and make sure that your meat is cooked in the correct temperature
- Gloves to protect your hands and prevent grilling accidents
- Smoker to add a smoky flavor to your meals
- Cover for safe storage

If you are ready to take your BBQ parties to the next level, get your La Caja China roasting box now and enjoy a hassle-free grilling experience! Visit our website to browse our wide array of BBQ grills, flavorful mojo and spices, grilling accessories, replacement parts and package deals that are worth your money!  Meanwhile, watch this short video to learn more about how to use our roasters!

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