Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Different Ways To Roast A Pig


roast a pigIt’s not that difficult to roast a pig. Whether you’re cooking just a cut, a limb or the whole hog, with the right cooking equipment and a perfectly done marinade, you’ll surely end up with a delicious meal! However, there are a number of ways to roast a pig. People used to do it by using a grill, a rotisserie or a barbecue pit. The use of these methods varies in terms of difficulty, cooking duration and sometimes even in terms of the finished product.  What matters is that if these methods are done correctly, you’ll have a moist, tender and flavorful hog roast for dinner! Read this article to learn how to roast a pig using these three methods:


How to Roast a Pig


Roasting a pig is a big job with big rewards. Whether you choose to use a grill, rotisserie, or pit, your results are sure to be finger lickin’ good. Just make sure your family or guests come to your pig roast with an empty stomach.


Reading the article above, it’s obvious that the most difficult way to prepare a pig roast is through setting up and using a pit. It will even take you some time to assemble the pit itself. But if you really are looking for a roasting method that’s way even better, easier and guaranteed to produce the best hog roasts for your family and friends, there’s La Caja China. If you don’t have your own roasting box yet, you really are missing half your life! Think about all the happy birthday celebrations that you could have or the memorable Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners that you could enjoy! Why will you put up with just a simple BBQ grill or a traditional oven if you can use a world-famous roaster? One man even got a La Caja China box for himself for his 30th birthday! And we quote,


“Birthdays only come once a year, and milestone birthdays only happen once in a lifetime. It just so happens that I recently passed one of those milestone birthdays and ticked over into the big 30′s. Some people like to spend these occasions relaxing on a beach, or sulking about father time catching up with them, but I saw this as a prime opportunity to expand my barbecue horizons into a category of cooking that every great pitmaster must dabble in. So I treated myself to a pre-birthday present by purchasing a La Caja China roasting box and set out on my first pig roast!” (See full article here.)


So what about you? Are you ready to take on the delicious world of pig roasting too? If you are excited to serve delectable grilled dishes ranging from pork, beef, chicken, turkey, fish and even kebabs, visit our website or give us a call at 1-800-338-1323! As the best manufacturer of BBQ grills worldwide, we guarantee you that our roasting boxes, grills, accessories and even our mojos and spices will change the way you barbecue!


Want to learn how to roast a pig Cuban style using a La Caja China box? Watch this!

Roasting a Pig Cuban Style with a La Caja China from C.C. Chapman on Vimeo.

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