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How To Use Your La Caja China Pig Roaster


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you love serving a delectable, juicy and tender roasted pig for parties, major holidays and even simple family get-togethers during weekends, then you must have a La Caja China roaster at home. Why would you even consider buying commercially prepared pig roasts when you can cook one with the flavors you love and the tenderness that you desire? Roasting a pig is not even as difficult as you presume it to be. With the help of our roasting box, you’ll be able to prepare and cook a whole roasted pig in just a short span of time without any hassle. It’s really easy! Here’s how:


What You Need:

 - Your La Caja China roasting box

- A whole pig weighing up to 70 pounds (for La Caja China model #1) or up to 100 pounds (for La Caja China model #2), flavored and marinated


How To Use Your La Caja China Box:


1. Lay the spiced and flavored pig on the bottom of the roasting rack. Place the top rack and secure the meat using S-hooks.


2. Make sure that the metal drip pan is at the bottom of the roasting box. Place the pig rack that you assembled with the skin-side facing down.


3. Cover the box with the ash pan that came with it and lay the charcoal grid on it. Prepare two large piles of charcoal on both ends of the grid. Each one should measure about 8 pounds. Once the charcoal piles are lit up and they have white ashes on them, spread them evenly.


4. Refill the charcoal while it burns in order to maintain the temperature inside your La Caja China pig roaster. Let the pig slowly cook for about three hours. You’ll notice that there’ll be an enticing, fragrant aroma during this time and that means it’s cooking pretty well.


5. After three hours, get rid of the coals and the ash pan because you’ll now need to turn the pig on the other side. Wear your cooking gloves to protect your hands from the heat. Flip the pig by simply turning the rack over. With a sharp knife, create slits on the skin in several places to bring out the pig’s fat and make it crispy.


6. Place the grid and ash pan back on top of the box and fill it with another set of charcoal. This batch should measure about 15 pounds. Let the pig cook for about 45 minutes more. Remember to peek during this time to prevent the skin from burning.


7. After 45 minutes, it’s ready! Remove the roasted pig from the roasting box and serve it to your guests!


The La Caja China uses a slow cooking technique that produces juicy, moist and flavorful roasted dishes even if you cook large quantities of meat. If you are interested in getting the best BBQ grill in the world, visit our website and browse our wide array of roasters, grilling accessories as well as mojos and spices that will make your BBQ party a blast! Call us now at 1-800-338-1323!


Want to learn more about La Caja China? Watch this video of Martha Stewart with a couple of Master Chefs as they talk about how great our roasting box is!

Martha Stewart Grilling Secrets of the Master Chefs from la caja china on Vimeo.

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