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Roast Pig Cuban Style With La Caja China!


roast pigIt seems like the Cuban-style roasted pork is becoming one of the best and most loved dishes served during family gatherings, special occasions and even on weekend BBQ parties. Why not?! Just the aroma of the grilling meat on a hot charcoal will already make your stomach jump up and down! In fact, even American families are also into it. And you would think only those who love Cuban dishes are its only fans!  But the question is, how can you say that the grilled pork is actually cooked and prepared Cuban-style? Well, it must have a spicy-citric flavor attained by using the famous mojo criollo sauce! If you haven’t tried this special marinade yet, take a look at this recipe we found online to give you an idea of the ingredients that give this sauce its trademark Cuban taste!


The Mojo Criollo Recipe


This classic Cuban seasoning sauce is a wonderful marinade for meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables. Not only is Ana Menéndez an award-winning journalist and author, she is also a wonderful cook. In a fun and informative article Ana wrote about Cuban-American observances of Thanksgiving, she recalls that when she was a small child, “Roast pork was the centerpiece of the annual Thanksgiving meal celebrated by a Cuban immigrant family, bound together by common memories and hopes.


The mojo criollo is pretty easy to prepare, isn’t it? You just need common ingredients namely orange juice, olive oil, rosemary, oregano, garlic, salt and a dash of cumin to add a bit of spicy, pungent earthiness to your sauce! Just mix them all in their right amounts and you’ll get yourself a perfect Cuban flavor! Marinade your pig using this sauce, preferably overnight, and it will surely have a distinct lusciousness! Now to make sure that the final product is served the right way with the right crispiness, tenderness and juiciness, roast pig using not just any cheap grill! Use a La Caja China roasting box! Have you heard that even famous stars like Martha Stewart use our grill? Read this article from her website to get a detailed guide on how to roast a pig Cuban style using La Caja China!


Cuban-Style Roast Pig


Feed a hungry crowd with chef Roberto Guerra’s zesty suckling pig recipe, prepared using his innovative Caja China slow-roasting grill. Place pig skin side down on a large work surface. Strain one recipe of the mojo into a bowl, reserving solids. Transfer liquid to a large syringe and inject the mojo into the meat of the pig every 3 to 4 inches, taking care not to push syringe down so far that it punctures the skin on the underside of the meat.


If you read the article above, you would have noticed that using La Caja China is easy breezy! You wouldn’t even break a sweat! So if you want to roast pig Cuban style, don’t hesitate! Just make use of our roasting box and even get our trademark mojo criollo sauce to ensure that you’ll get the right flavor the first time! Visit our website or call us now at 1-800-338-1323!


Watch as Martha Stewart and professional chefs make use of the La Caja China roasting box to grill hamburger, shellfish, chicken, steak, lobster, vegetables and yes, a succulent suckling pig!

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