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The Best Pig Roasting Menus For Your Special Occasions


pig roasting menusA pig roast is the star of every get-together. Just its fragrant and tempting aroma will drive your guests crazy. How much more when they dig in to your roasted pork’s crispy skin and chew on its flavorful, juicy and tender meat? However, roasting a pig isn’t that easy without the right cooking tools and the perfect recipe! For the roasting equipment, you can always rely on La Caja China’s grills to serve the most delicious hog roast to your guests. The only question is, what recipe are you going to follow? What food items will you prepare to compliment your main dish? Well, here’s a sample of pig roasting menus to help you set up the best BBQ party ever!


Ultimate Pig Roast


Roasting a whole suckling pig on an open fire requires some effort, but the results are totally worth it, as global superchef Jean-Georges Vongerichten proved at a party at his weekend house outside Manhattan. The fresh flavors of summer—asparagus, fava beans, sweet peas, strawberries—star in this amazing seasonal menu.


We hope you checked out the sample menu we provided above. It features appetizing flavors that include asparagus, beans, strawberries and even sweet peas. You noticed how the menu was well thought of from the choice of cocktail drinks, the pig roast recipe and even the side dishes! They really bring out the taste of summer. Now even if the ingredients on the menu were mostly seasonal items, you should know that there’s no limit as to which of them can you use or not use. In fact, you can try to mix and match the side dishes, cocktail drinks and even add some desserts. You can also prepare several dips for your roasted pork so that your guests will have several choices.


“The prize of the party is seasoned with herbs and spices as well as apples and pears, slow roasted over a hardwood lump charcoal fire. Displayed quickly (of course with an apple in the mouth) and then off to the carving table. Served with Corn Bread, plus three sauces for your guest to pick from. (Traditional style BBQ, Mango Chutney blend, Smoked maple Balsamic drizzle.) Also included are country style arrangement of plates and plastic flatware. China is an additional expense. Food is then arranged buffet style and the feast starts.” (See full article here.)


Try these pig roasting menus and you’ll surely host the most memorable party that your guests will love and come back for! And if you still do not have a reliable cooking equipment, visit our website to browse and order our US made bbq grills,  mojo criollo sauces and barbecue accessories! Call us now at  1-800-338-1323! 

Check out how cool La Caja China is! Watch this video as Bobby Flay features our roasting box!

BBQ with Bobby Flay Featuring La Caja China on the Food Network Part 1 of 2 from la caja china on Vimeo.

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