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best barbecue grills


best barbecue grillsLa Caja China offers the best barbecue grills that will make your cooking a lot easier and yummier! Aside from the favorite roasted hog, you may also use our grills for other types of meat and vegetables. Cook up a really nice set of vegetable kebabs. Roast turkey for your Thanksgiving dinner. Serve your guests with your special clambake. Make your kids smile by preparing classic American hamburgers for them. You can cook all these dishes and more using our high-quality roasting boxes! So to give your week’s menu some variation, check out this pulled pork menu ala La Caja China!


La Caja China style Pulled Pork Recipe


This recipe is courtesy of a fellow foodie and blogger, and is one of the best we’ve made to date! So being that were going caja china style on this pulled pork recipe, whether it be in your La Caja Asadora or La Caja China model, lets begin with our ingredients and then get into the way the roasting box (also called a Cajun microwave) works. 


Did you see how easy it is to cook pulled pork using our La Caja China BBQ grill? It’s amazingly good, isn’t it? Now if you’re not into pork at the moment and would like to try something else, why not consider this roasted chicken recipe? Aside from the complete recipe guide and cooking instruction, this article also features a way to stock marinated chicken for future roasting. Talk about time and energy-saving! You can flavor several chickens at once, freeze them then roast them whenever you want!


Roasted Chicken, a la La Caja China


This past weekend we were busy.  We were low on cooked chickens in our freezer, so hubby decided that he would cook some more.  By some more, he meant, twelve more.  Seriously, twelve, as in the number one and two.  Tee – double-u – ee – ell – vee – ee.  Twelve. Yupe, twelve, 12.  You read it correctly and, nothing is wrong with your eyes.  You probably think that we are crazy…but, bear with me while I try to explain it below.


We hope that these articles gave you ideas on how you can use your barbecue grill to liven up your family dinners this week! Check on our blogsite once in a while for more barbecue menu ideas! And if you want to buy the best barbecue grills, just visit La Caja China’s website or call us at 1-800-338-1323! 

Learn more about our roasting boxes! Watch this video of Bizarre Foods America featuring La Caja China!

Bizzarre Foods America with Andrew Zimmern using La Caja China in Miami from la caja china on Vimeo.

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