Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Pig Roasting: A Walk Down Memory Lane

pig roastingWe are all enticed by a lechon that’s crispy on the outside and yet juicy on the inside. In fact, we don’t only look forward to seeing a nicely prepared suckling pig on weddings and birthday parties. We also go to restaurants that sell roasted pig simply because we love eating its flavorful, tender meat! Why not? As people often say, enjoy life. Eat pork! Now we just want to ask you. Have you ever wondered when did people start pig roasting? Or from what place did hog roasts originate? Apparently, the Cubans and Americans aren’t the only fans of roasting a whole pig. There are many other places around the globe that love pig roasts!

“Pig roasting is a symbol of celebrations across the globe in many different countries. From Hawaii, to Puerto Rico, Cuba, the UK, and the Philippines and now in Other USA states and Canada pig roasts are a fun way to get people together and have a great meal.  A pig roast is the perfect way to connect age-old celebratory traditions with modern-day parties. Here are just a few examples of how important the pig roast is in some cultures…” (See full article here.)

According to the article above, pig roasting is also popular in Puerto Rico, the UK, Hawaii and also in Asian countries such as the Philippines. Each country has its own way of cooking a hog roast and though they differ in terms of flavor and spices, they are all delectable just the same. Still, there’s that question that we want to know the answer to. When did pig roasting start? Check out this more extensive article about the history of hog roasts.

Hog Roasts – The History of Pig Roasting and Cooking

Hog roasts are fast becoming a very popular catering service around the world but what is a hog roast and why are they so popular? In this hub I want to explore the history of cooking whole pigs as far back as I can find not just on-line but also a offline study of this tradition.

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