Friday, March 21, 2014

Food Items You Can BBQ On Your La Caja China Hog Roasters


hog roastersServing a whole pig roast aka lechon to your guests is definitely a treat! But are you sure you want to stick with pig roasting for your every party? Why not add some variety?! Surely there are other food items that you can grill using your La Caja China hog roasters. Our roasting boxes are very flexible and suit a wide variety of meat and vegetables. You can grill chicken, beef, turkey, lamb, hamburgers, hotdogs, vegetables, kebabs, sea foods and many more. Whatever you want! So for starters, let us share 50 awesome BBQ recipes we found online!




Break out the barbie and make the most of summer by cooking in the great outdoors! From sausage sangs to prawn kebabs, pork ribs to chicken wings, lamb wraps to beef fahitas — even barbecued mushrooms — there’s definitely something for everyone within this delicious collection of easy barbecue dishes.


Now that’s quite a list, isn’t it?! The suggestions all look yummy and we can’t wait to also try all of them. Just one quick reminder though. Don’t forget to check our cooking instructions from the website to make sure that you won’t burn your food! Once you’ve mastered the art of using La Caja China, we’re pretty sure that you’ll have endless guests on your doorstep! Anyway, we also found an article that features surprising food items which you can grill — or so the author said. Check it out!


6 Surprising Things You Can Grill


Meat, meat, meat, occasionally corn, and more meat. That’s the dedicated job of many a grill, but it doesn’t have to be that way. The surprising items listed here can become the components of a vegetarian barbecue dinner, or can be grilled alongside meat as accompaniments.


We hope you loved the suggestions we shared above! Try them out and share your photos with us via our Facebook fan page! Just check out our blog frequently for more bbq grilling recipes and cooking instructions! And if you still don’t have your own La Caja China, visit our website and browse our choices of barbecue grills that you’ll truly love! Call us now at 1-800-338-1323

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