Tuesday, June 10, 2014

BBQ Tips For Well-Cooked And Truly Tasty Grilled Fish Dishes!


BBQ tipsSo whoever said that you can only cook pork in your La Caja China? There’s no limit to the variety of food items that you can barbecue in our famous roaster! Grill lamb, turkey, chicken, beef, pork and even seafood! You choose! It’s pretty easy to use the La Caja China magic box and it works well on all types of meat! So if you are thinking about grilling fish today, read on get these awesome tips!


1. Make sure that your charcoals are ready and all fired up before placing your fish on the grill. Short grill time in relatively hot fire is important to keep the fish’ natural flavor and juices in.


2. Never turn your fish too frequently. Let it sit alone on the grill and cook for the duration of the estimated barbecue time and just turn it on the other side once nearly done. This will ensure that it won’t break into pieces.


3. Some people love skinning their fish. But if you want a fish that won’t fall apart too easily, leave its skin on while grilling. It will hold the meat together while cooking and just remove once done. Now to grill it, cook the side without the skin first. This will give it a crusty surface while ensuring that the skin is still holding the meat together.


4. In terms of cooking time, expert barbecue chefs recommend 10 minutes for every thickness inch. For instance, if you have  a fish that’s one-half inch thick, grill it for three minutes and then turn it to the other side and let it cook for another two minutes. That’s a total of 5 minutes!


5. Using sugar infused sauces should be done carefully just like when you’re cooking pork. The sugar content burns easily which may leave your fish bitter. So if you still want to give your barbecue a sweet twist, brush the fish with the sweet sauce when it is nearly cooked.


6. Before putting your fish on the grill, make sure that you have a clean rack. Leftover food crumbs will stick to the fish thus making it more challenging to turn the food on the other side.


7. Oiling the grill rack is advisable. Just use high-temp cooking oil such as olive, peanut or grape seed.


8. When turning your fish, use a wide spatula instead of tongs to keep the meat intact.


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Are you a new La Caja China owner? Watch this video and learn some barbecue time-saving tips from our very own Roberto Guerra!

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