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A Delightful Baked Clams On-The-Grill Recipe


baked clamsThe clambake is not only New England’s national dish. It’s also among the world’s most favorite seafood recipes! Even in the United States, people host clambake parties during summer; in the backyard or in the beach; whether for lunch or for dinner. And the good thing is, a clambake is pretty easy to prepare! Just get your choice of seafood (usually lobster, clams and mussels) and also some corn and veggies (potatoes and carrots). Boil them in a pot if you’ll cook them on your stove. Pack them in a foil for cooking in a pit or on the grill. Voila! You have a clambake! Anyway, if you’re looking forward to serving delectable New England baked clams to your loved ones, just read and follow this recipe by celebrity chef Todd English!


What You’ll Need:


* 1 ½ to 2 cups of drawn butter (for serving)

* 3 pounds steamers (or other soft-shell clams)

* 2 pounds Linguica or chorizo sauges

* 3 lobsters weighing about 2 pounds each

* 6 ears of corn, still with husk but silks removed

* 5 pounds fresh seaweed

* 6 chicken thighs

* 2 pounds red new potatoes




1. Get a large pot and put your potatoes and chicken thighs in there. Add salted water, making sure that the ingredients are well-covered. Boil the pot; reduce the heat and let it simmer right until the potatoes are soft and until the chicken thighs are cooked. This will take about 15 minutes. Make sure to skim the foam that rises to the top of your pot. When the potatoes are soft, get them out of the pot so they won’t get overcooked. Also do the same with your chicken.


2. While waiting for the ingredients in the pot to cook, you can start preparing your La Caja China grill. Place the coals on the grid and wait until all of them are lit up.


3. Place your seaweed and corns in a large bowl of water. Soak the ingredients for about 20 to 30 minutes.


4. When the charcoals are all showing a bright red color and ashes on their edges, get your seaweed and layer it over the grill, covering the area completely. Get your lobsters and position them at the center of the seaweed layer. Surround them with your soaked corns. Add in the potatoes. Remember, they should only be a bit soft and not cooked through. Also place the chicken thighs and sausages in layers over the lobsters. The clams should sit right on top.


5. Place another layer of seaweed to cover all the ingredients. Let them cook for 45 minutes or until the lobster is already red and steaming.


6. Once done, place the ingredients in a large serving bowl. Pair with drawn butter if desired.


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