Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tips For A Successful Outdoor Barbecue Grilling Party

outdoor barbecue grillingAn outdoor barbecue party is among the most enjoyable ways to celebrate special occasions or simple family get-togethers! It’s actually a part of the American tradition not only during NBA or NFL season but also when children come home to visit their parents or when people call their friends for impromptu backyard parties. So if you are planning to host one this weekend, let’s help you ensure that it’s going to end up trouble-free, accident-free, delicious and truly memorable!

1. Create two grilling zones. Don’t spread the charcoals all over the grid. Simply leave a small area at one free from coals. You can use that space in your grill to cool your food down before carving or serving them on plates. You can also utilize it to prevent overcooking.

2.  Don’t turn your food too much. If you think you’re doing your barbecue a favor by flipping it on either side too often, you’re actually not preventing it from getting burned. Instead, you’re trying to undercook it. Follow the recommended grilling times for the specific types of food you’ll cook.

3. Aside from your coals all lit up, one way to know that your grill is ready is when you place your hand just three to five inches over it and you feel its warmth. Your hand should not even last a few seconds there.

4. Before using your La Caja China, make sure that it is clean. You can use a stiff wire brush to scrub off food particles from the grill grate and wash it clean with your favorite dishwashing liquid. Just remember to totally rinse it off so you won’t get any soap residue on your food. Since your La Caja China is easy to clean and maintain, remember to do so before storing it.

5. Remember to lubricate before using the grill for kebabs, burgers, sausages and the like. You can just brush oil on the grill so that food won’t stick while cooking. You may also stick half an onion to a fork; dip it in oil then use it for brushing if you don’t have a brush.

6. Don’t add too much pepper on your meat. Experts say you can salt your barbecue as much as you want, but pepper? It will give your meat a weird spicy, corky taste when you overdo it!

7. Always use your wired thermometer to ensure that your food is cooked perfectly. Aside from the thermometer, you may also use your fingers to tell if your meat is rare, medium-rare, medium or well-done. Let the tip of your index finger and your thumb touch. Using your other hand’s index finger, touch the base of your thumb. That’s how soft and squishy a rare meat feels like. Now connect the tip of your middle finger and your thumb. That’s medium-rare. Connect the tip of your ring finger and your thumb, that’s medium. Last but not least, connect your pinky’s tip and your thumb, that’s well-done.

8. When barbecuing in your yard, remember that safety comes first. Set up your grill away from the house or any other flammable objects such as tree branches and plants. Keep charcoal fluid or charcoal starters away from children and pets, too.

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