Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Why Your La Caja China Is The Best Portable BBQ Grill In The Market


portable bbq grillThere are so many portable barbecue grills in the market today and yet your La Caja China stands out. Even if it’s adequately sized and capable of cooking 100-pound pigs in whole, you can still bring your barbecue roaster anywhere. Take it out to the yard and enjoy a weekend barbecue party with your kids. Take it to the beach and have a beer and clambake bash with your friends. You won’t have a problem taking your magic box to places because it’s light and easy to move with the help of its four solid plastic wheels and two large box handles. Aside from its portability, your La Caja China also delivers other amazing benefits!


1. La Caja China comes in two kinds: the Original and the SP-Series. Our Original roasting boxes are made from BC plywood lined with durable Marine Aluminum Gauge .032. On the other hand, our SP-Series delivers a more sophisticated look with its diamond-cut metal exterior and black theme. Regardless of how they look or their make, the two types provide the same convenience, ease and excellence when it comes to barbecuing. Both models are made from durable yet light material that lasts for years as long as maintained, cleaned and stored properly.


2. La Caja China is easy to assemble. If you order one, you’ll be sent a complete package that includes all the parts and a user’s manual that features the step-by-step assembly instructions. You don’t need special tools to set up your barbecue grill. Just follow the instructions provided in the manual; attach the parts correctly and it should be good to cook.


3. La Caja China is known for its hog roasting capability. Place your whole pig inside the box; position the charcoal grid on top and wait for the meat to cook perfectly. There’s no need to peek inside every now and then because the closed lid allows fast and perfect cooking. You only need to turn the pig once which makes cooking very effortless, you don’t have to break a sweat.


4. You’ll surely maximize the use of your La Caja China. Aside from whole hogs, you can grill any food you like in it. You can use our basket rotisserie, regular rotisserie and top grills for barbecuing smaller food items such as burgers, sausages, hotdogs, lobsters, fish and even clams.


5. As what most buying guides tell you, it is true that highly durable aluminum material is the best make for barbecue grills. The reason behind this belief is that aluminum can withstand high temperatures. And that’s how we’ve designed our La Caja China in the first place! Our roasting boxes are hard-wearing, stainless and rust-free. Most of all, they seal the heat in which makes roasting fast yet even and thorough.


We hope that you found all these reasons enough to believe that your La Caja China is the best portable bbq grill in town! For the most memorable barbecue experience, also get our barbecue grill accessoriesgrill replacement parts, barbecue smoker, and also our trademark mojo sauce! Visit our website now or call us at 1-800-338-1323!


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