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Beef Chuck Roast In Teriyaki Sauce Recipe

beef chuck roastMany people love steak that it’s almost considered a staple not only during special dinners and celebrations but even during summer barbecues and backyard parties. But have you already tried grilling chuck steak? The chuck is actually a tough cut because it consists of parts of the cow’s neck, upper arm and shoulder blades. It’s usually used in making pot roasts or stews and is also best for making ground beef. However, being tough doesn’t mean that it’s not good for grilling. With proper preparation and cooking, it’s still going to turn out a perfect roast for your barbecue weekend! Here’s a recipe you can try at home.


* 2 teaspoons salt

* 3 teaspoons black pepper, coarsely ground

* 1 onion, finely chopped

* 3 teaspoons ginger root, finely sliced

* 3 teaspoons garlic, minced

* 1 can of beer

* 1 cup barbecue sauce

* 1 cup teriyaki sauce

* 5-pound beef chuck

Cooking Instructions:

1. Get a large mixing bowl and combine your teriyaki sauce, barbecue sauce, beer, minced garlic, sliced ginger, chopped onion, ground black pepper and salt. Stir the ingredients rigorously to distribute the flavors. Once done, put the beef chuck into the bowl. Make sure that it is well-soaked. Cover the bowl and put it in the fridge. Marinate the meat for at least 6 hours to let the flavors sink into it.

2. Prepare your La Caja China. Place the ash pan, the charcoal grid and lay down the coals. Light them all up and after about 20 minutes, they should all be ready for grilling.

3. Get the meat out of the fridge and remove the beef chuck from the marinade. Transfer the sauce into a medium-sized saucepan and let it boil for approximately five minutes. When it’s done, transfer it to another container and set it aside. You’ll use it for basting.

4. Put your beef chuck onto the grill, over medium heat. Let it cook until it has browned. When it is already brown, move it to the cooler side of your grill and cook for about 45 minutes on each side. You can also just use a wired thermometer to grill it up to your desired temperature. During the last hour of your grilling, make sure that you’ll baste the roast to make it even more flavorful.

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