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The Best Cuts Of Meat For Pork Barbecue


pork barbecueWhen it comes to roasting whole pigs, you’ll find that every part of it is heaven to our palate. Just thinking about its crispy skin and tender meat makes us crave. However, if you’re only grilling specific pig parts, you might sooner or later realize that specific cuts have specific levels of goodness. They just don’t end up tasting all the same and maybe that’s because they also require different tricks when grilling or that they If you’ve been thinking about the best pork cuts to grill, let us put an end to your curiosity now. Here’s our list to guide you on your barbecue adventures.


1. Pork Ribs


People say that ribs are the holy grail of barbecuing. They say that once you have mastered the art of barbecuing ribs, you can almost cook anything on the grill to perfection. Well, that may be true because this part of the pig (or cow) requires a lot of patience and skills. It cannot be rushed but rather grilled slowly so that it will get evenly cooked not only on the outside but also on the inside. The recommended grilling time for this cut is approximately 90 minutes, keeping in mind that it should never be taken off the grill in less than 40.


2. Pork Chops


When grilling chops, you should consider keeping the bones intact because they do not only make plating more beautiful but they also enhance the final taste of your barbecue. It is true when people say that this part is also difficult to cook because chops may end up dry. But, if you’ll pay attention to it while on the grill and use marinade ingredients that do not waste away its natural juices (like too much soy sauce), they will still end up tender, moist and delicious.


3. Pork Loin


Like in beef, the loin part is also a popular choice when it comes to pork. It can provide you with several options for roasts and may be cooked with or without the bones. This is by the way the very cut where the chops are taken from. Aside from the chops, you may also request for tenderloin (also referred to as the fillet), which is a lean meat cut. The roasting time for loin is dependent upon whether you’ll cook it as a whole or in smaller parts.


4. Pork Belly


Pork belly is a boneless part of the pig that comes with abundant layers of fat. Because of that, it has gained popularity among people who love fat more than the meat itself. In fact, in some Asian and Cuban communities, they have a dish that they call “chicharon” or “chicharones”. It’s belly fat that’s either roasted or fried to ultimate crispiness. What makes it really delicious is that when the fatty layers are warmed up on the grill, the cuts’ juices ooze out, letting itself get cooked generously in its own flavors.


5. Chump Steak


You’ll find the chump right at the rear of the loin. By description, chump steaks are boneless, leaner and also wider. If you don’t like beef steaks, you can substitute them with this pork cut.


These are just some of the best cuts of meat for pork barbecue. Of course, there are others such as the leg, shank or shoulders and we’ll tackle them on our next post. In the mean time, check out our pork shoulder recipe, lechon asado, smoked ribs, pork chops recipe and pork belly recipe. To serve the tastiest dishes, don’t forget to use the best barbecue grill in town! Call us at 1-800-338-1323 if you need a La Caja China now!


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