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How to Cook in a Cajun Microwave Box

Cook Cajun Microwave BoxCajun microwaves are normally made from charcoal-heated cypress or wood. These roasting boxes are used to cook various kinds of meats and vegetables, or used at times when one wants to cook his food differently. Cajun microwaves cook through roasting and because of that it yields a unique flavor only known to barbecues and grilled food.


Typically, a Cajun microwave is perfect for get together with family and friends, and simple cookouts.


Here are the things you need to cook something on your Cajun microwave:

– Cajun microwave
– Chicken, pork, beef, vegetables
– Wood Charcoal
– Plastic container or metal to catch the dripping grease
– Meat thermometer to see if the meat is thoroughly cooked
– Aluminum foil
– Herbs, spices, and seasonings


How to Cook on Your Cajun Microwave Box


Follow these simple steps to come up with the best meal using your Cajun microwave:


You can cook various kinds of food inside your Cajun microwave. Depending on how big your box is, you can cook turkeys, beef, pork, roast chickens, various vegetables, and even whole pigs.


The first step is to marinate the food you are cooking using your choice of marinade.


Pre-heat your oven. Bear in mind that Cajun microwave boxes are designed to cook food with heat coming from the top so you will notice that the charcoal or wood is on top. Typical cooking temperatures range from 225 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat inside the box is intense thus produces crispy skin and juicy meat.


Once done, place it on top of the grate inside your Cajun microwave box. This grate is mounted inside to separate the oil from your food. This is the perfect time to add any seasonings and oils on your food. You also have the option to add wood chips for that woodsmoke flavor to your food.


Keep the box closed as you cook to maximize the heat inside the box.


As you cook, grease typically drips from the food to the bottom of the box. For you not to have any problems during cleanup, line your box with aluminum foil or place a container under the drain to catch the grease.


Cooking time vary from food to food. It takes longer time to cook a whole pig versus a turkey or whole chicken. It is best to check your recipe for the cooking time of each food. Also be aware of the smell as it cooks.


Once done, remove the food from the heat, but before doing that, test your meat using a thermometer to ensure that the meat is thoroughly cooked to avoid any untoward illness associated with raw meat.


Cool down your utensils, grate, and box before washing them with hot soapy water. Let it dry off, and rub with cooking oil before keeping the entire microwave box in a dry place.


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