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What Is A Rotisserie Kit For, and Do You Really Need it?

rotisserie kitA rotisserie is a cooking technique wherein meat is put on a spit and cooked over fire. In modern times, the spit is a metal rod to hold food while in the earlier years, people have used bamboo or other types of wood. This is commonly utilized for cooking large chunks of meat such as pig and turkey. If you are interested in learning why the rotisserie became popular, read this informative article.


How Rotisserie Chicken Became Popular


We often see this, skewered birds roasted in rotating rows. They are popular, if you didn't already know and are generally called rotisserie chickens. They are often sold everywhere from grocery stores to member-only clubs. In 2010 alone, six hundred million rotisserie chickens were sold in the United States.


The Washington Post released a few interesting bites into how this popular chicken is made:

  1. Most of these rotisserie chickens are treated with salt solution or water to ensure that they survive the heated display shelf.
  2. The crisp, golden skin of your rotisserie chicken is because of the following ingredients: oleoresin, yeast extract, sodium tripolyphosphate, and other "natural flavorings".
  3. It is said that Costco started the rotisserie chicken trend. They sold about 50 million rotisserie chickens in 2011.


It is seemingly obvious that a rotisserie is a great tool in cooking meat, especially pork and chicken. Because the spit turns, the meat is evenly cooked without being burned.


However, cooking rotisserie chicken doesn't come easy. You need to do it right, otherwise you'll end up with either partially or overly cooked chicken — something that you won't like.


It is really thought provoking why rotisserie cooking does not get any more respect that it truly deserves. A lot of grill manufacturers say that you do not really need a rotisserie because normally a grill with a lid serves the same purpose — even roasting. However, it is always recommended to use the proper equipment to perfectly cook your chicken. Realize that the heat should move around the food and not the other way around.


Like most things, rotisserie cooking has its advantages. Since the meat are self-basted and roasted slowly, the meats end up generally juicier. The same thing happens when you roast a pig in a La Caja China Cajun box, you will always end up in serving crispy, delicious roasted pig to your loved ones. Learn all about the best spices and accessories for your La Caja China.


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